All DesignScapes® 10% Off With Purchase of 4 or More(Excludes GelWraps™)

All Scenic and Solid DesignScapes® 10% Off with the purchase of 4 or more.

(excludes Apollo GelWraps™)

Apollo DesignScapes® enjoys bringing you NEW DesignScapes for 2020! .

AP4720 - Baby Boy Blue: T8 GelWrap

Apollo GelWraps™ are Here!

Apollo DesignScapes® now offers Apollo GelWrap™. The patented design easily wraps itself around a T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent tube for instant style, color correction, and to eliminate harsh light. With names like Trick or Treat, Luscious Lilac, and Yellow Snow, you’ll appreciate their seasonal color personalities.! Contact us here.

Remember, you can make any of your favorite trips or memories into a DesignScapes® with a Custom DesignScape®

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Reduce Headaches Caused by Eyestrain with DesignScapes®

DesignScapes® are now available in over 500 standard options! Choose from Standard Scenics, Solids, GelWraps™, and Custom DesignScapes®. Reduce fluorescent light glare and flicker with DesignScapes® light covers. Office Workers seeking migraine relief have found it here!

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