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FAQ Topics

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 01. How do I Install a DesignScape®?
 02. Can a DesignScape® be removed after installation?
 03. Will I see the texture of the diffuser in my DesignScapes®?
 04. Are special light bulbs needed for Designscapes®?
 05. What sizes are available for DesignScapes®?
 06. Does a DesignScape® replace the plastic cover on the light fixture (diffuser)?
 07. What material is used to make DesignScapes®?
 08. Do the DesignScapes® cut down on the amount of light?
 09. Will the DesignScape® picture fade?
 10. Do you offer custom design services for DesignScapes®?
 11. Are there any limitations on the artwork for custom designs?
 12. Will you accept copyrighted photos/artwork for DesignScapes®?
 13. What are the artwork specifications for DesignScapes®?
 14. Can I use the color white in a custom DesignScapes®?
 15. What happens if my custom DesignScape® doesn’t fill the entire space?
 16. What is the return policy on DesignScapes®?
 17. What is the turn-around time for DesignScapes®?
 18. What if my DesignScapes® order is damaged during shipping?
 19. Color on computer monitors vary
 20. Can I become a distributor?
 23. What markers can I use on Color Me DesignScapes®?
 21. What if my DesignScapes® order qualifies as Tax Exempt?
 22. How to install Apollo GelWrap™?