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Bad lighting can create numerous problems: headaches, eyestrain, difficulty concentrating, bad moods, lost revenue, and even high employee turnover. We have simple, cost-effective solutions for your business, institution, and home using Apollo DesignScapes™ functional fluorescent light accessories.

1.     PROBLEM: Glare

If your lighting creates unwanted glare, you may be tempted to unscrew one or more tubes from your fixture. A gloomy environment is hardly the answer. A better fix is to install frosted DesignScapes™ panels. You’ll maintain the quality and brightness of light while reducing the harsh glare. Chances are no one will notice them except for you. And maybe your coworkers who observe that you no longer squint all the live long day.

SOLUTION: Diffusion

We recommend the following glare busters:

Textured Diffusion (minimal frost)

Flat Diffusion (light frost)

White Diffusion (medium frost)

Hard Diffusion (heavy frost)


2.     PROBLEM: Harsh Lighting

We hear you. If you could prevent the gossip that would surely ensue, you’d keep your sunglasses on at work. We have a remedy that won’t lead to crazy speculations: install DesignScapes™ transparent, neutral density light filters above your workstation and throughout the office. You’ll reduce the intensity of the light while maintaining the existing color balance, just as you do with a good pair of sunglasses.

SOLUTION: Neutral Density

Avoid office drama and order one of these inserts:

.6 Neutral Density

.9 Neutral Density


3.     PROBLEM: Blue or Orange Color

Nothing makes you feel wimpy and deflated like icky colors emitted from fluorescent lights. People appear ill, your product looks blah, and dampened moods are inevitable. Like fresh flowers on your desktop, you can quickly update the look of your space with DesignScapes™ energizing and color-correcting transparent light inserts.

SOLUTION: Color-Correction

Choose one of the following color elixirs for instant relief:

If the lighting color is too blue, try Fatherless Amber

If the color is too orange, try Whispering Lavender

DesignScapes™ install without tools, will not alter the light fixture and can be moved to a new location at any time. For more options, browse our standard DesignScapes™ decorative fluorescent light panels or upload your image for custom fluorescent light panels.