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Wikipedia describes fluorescent lamps as using an electric current to excite mercury vapor. * Let’s stop right here: That is the only thing exciting about fluorescent lights, other than the economic advantage of illuminating large areas, which is huge.

DesignScapes™ has a simple, cost-effective and, dare we say, exciting way to alleviate the drab and harsh lighting produced by fluorescent light panels. Select designs reminiscent of a skylight, or opt for professional scenes that compliment your company’s objectives. Maybe you only need to calibrate the color or reduce the glare emitted through your fluorescent light cover. We can cure those ailments, too.

You, your employees, clients and family members no longer need to suffer from the katzenjammer brought on by fluorescent lighting. Say goodbye to the blinding light-induced headaches and hello to tranquility!

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!

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