• Diver
  • We recently spoke with the secretary at a church about using Apollo DesignScapes™ classroom light filters. Mary was so excited about the idea and volunteered that she would love to have another option for transforming their classrooms during Vacation Bible School (VBS).

    Last year they used tissue paper inside their fluorescent lights to create an underwater experience. We’re so glad they didn’t end up underwater from an emergency fire department visit!

Apollo DesignScapes™ decorative light inserts can easily, affordably, and safely transform your church into an epic VBS destination.  We even offer 10 underwater images as part of our 175+ signature DesignScapes™ line. Our Custom DesignScapes™ option is, of course, perfect for any VBS theme.

So, whether your kids are embarking on an international trek, climbing mountains, learning to be superheroes, or just having fun, we’ve got you covered…or at least your fluorescent light fixtures.

Happy VBS planning!

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!