During my niece’s first year in college, she suffered a nasty concussion that nearly prevented her from finishing her first and second years. Through therapy, rest, and dogged determination, she graduated near the top of her class. This fall, she begins a new career as a teacher.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for her came after she participated in light therapy.

It sounds strange and a little far-fetched – I mean, sitting in front of colored lights doesn’t seem like it would do anything for you, at least in your natural state – but there’s something to it. Her concentration levels improved. She studied for longer periods of time. Eventually, she resumed a full schedule.

Not long after she completed her sessions, another friend was undergoing light therapy in a different part of the country following a massive stroke. After treatment, she became much more interactive and happier.

There’s something magical about color.

Like cherished art or a book, color makes us feel profound, sometimes unspeakable emotion. It’s what makes us wake up on the dark side of the morning – not to walk someone through it, but to catch the sunrise. The power of color makes us stare at a collection of crayons for no other reason than it’s pretty


It’s weird and wonderful.

At Apollo DesignScapes™, we’ve captured engaging and soothing images, along with an array of solid colors to fill your indoor space with amazing color.

It’s therapy in a light filter.

You’re welcome.