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We recently came across a great video by Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, Imagination Institute Director at the University of Pennsylvania, regarding the interaction that takes place between the left and right sides of the brain when creativity is engaged. * It got us to thinking about the incredible role creativity plays in every area of business.

Blue collar. White Collar. A position with variety. A repetitive role. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is intricately wired for creativity. Daydreaming and improvising hold incredible value when strategically harnessed by companies and institutions.

Creativity is a muscle that needs regular exercise. Encourage your employees to be active learners. Reward them for developing ideas that lead to more efficient and effective use of time and resources. Schedule activities that encourage strategic communication skills, such as improved listening habits. Maybe even plan a “wine and canvas” company party after hours. You may be amazed by the impact art has on your bottom line.

Line production employers and supervisors, why not share a problem with your employees that you need to solve? They’ll appreciate the mental engagement while they work and may offer insight you haven’t yet considered.

Perhaps you could go a step further and make your surroundings more creative. Add plants to your office décor. Put a game or two in the break room. Do you have standard fluorescent light fixtures in your building? Adding Apollo DesignScapes™ light filters can do wonders for developing creativity.

We’d love to hear from you. What ideas do you have for creating creativity?

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!