Airy Clouds 3 DesignScapes® fluorescent light panel

Sea Lark Counseling Uses Airy Clouds 3 in Office

Kathy Kelly, Office Manager for Sea Lark Counseling, was leaving work with headaches caused by the new LED bulbs recently installed in their office.

The glare of the lights hitting her paperwork was intense.

Kathy went to Pinterest for ideas on how to reduce the harsh lighting and discovered Apollo DesignScapes® fluorescent lens covers, along with a handful of our competitors. What Kathy appreciated most about Apollo was the variety of standard images available.

Airy Clouds 3 was her design choice, as the aqua blue skyscape compliments their Florida inspired color scheme.

Kathy shared, "The other providers in the office are now interested in DesignScapes® for their offices. The best part is no more headaches!"

Sea Lark Counseling won the March Contest for a $25 gift card for sending us a picture of their installed DesignScape® light panel cover and sharing their thoughts with us (see picture below). They decided to apply their award toward an additional DesignScapes® panel.

Installed Airy Clouds 3 Designscape fluorescent light cover in Sea Lark's Office.

Do you own DesignScapes® decorative fluorescent light covers? Send us a video or picture of them installed and your thoughts, and we'll enter you into the next drawing!