Becky teaches 6th-grade science in Granville, Ohio.

To create an engaging classroom environment, Becky initiated laboratory experiments as the curriculum’s foundation. To further enhance the learning environment, she added insect collections and other natural science items.

The classroom walls and ceilings, however, still had a sterile appearance.

Becky came across Apollo DesignScapes® decorative fluorescent light filters through a Google search. She applied for and received a grant from the American Physiology Society, an organization through which she mentors other teachers.

“The students were thrilled as they entered the classroom the day after my husband, Michael, and I easily installed the fixture covers,” shared Becky. “Many of the animals have received names, and students have remarked how much more comfortable the classroom seems.”

Apollo loves helping teachers achieve their goals and engage students. Becky, we salute you!

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Please Note: DesignScapes® install — and uninstall — in minutes and can be stored in its shipping tube when not in use, which is especially helpful for teachers who move classrooms from year-to-year.