• If you discovered an easy and cost effective way to make your young patients feel more relaxed, how much value would that add to your day? Many pediatric doctor and dental offices cater to their young clients by providing a friendly play area in the waiting room, creating themed exam rooms and giving out prizes to kiddos who complete their exam.

    These enhancements are wonderful, but what happens when you pull the child away from these spaces and move them to an exam room or a dental chair? DesignScapes™ offers an affordable way to keep a child’s attention by simply adding creative and decorative fluorescent light panels.

  • Wide Eyed Cat

With a Custom DesignScape™ insert, you can even carry the theme of your practice or the room onto the ceiling! Not only will it put a smile on the child’s face, it will also give the nurse, hygienist and doctor a conversation starter, further putting the child at ease.

DesignScapes™ slide on top of a standard fluorescent light cover. It’s easy to install or change out for a seasonal design. Typically, no tools are needed.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!