PRG Production Services Uses Apollo GelWrap™ at Detroit Event

For events where time is of the essence, Apollo GelWraps™ instantly transform fluorescent light bulbs into party décor.

“This event was a real quick set-up, so we used the Apollo GelWrap™ to make life simple and easy. The results were terrific! Our client was very happy, their client was very happy, and the owner of the venue loved it - said the place never looked so good! Kudos team Apollo!”
— Norm Piaskowski, Vice President of PRG Production Services

Thank you, Norm, for your business. We’re so glad Apollo GelWraps™ made your event fast, easy, and successful.

Made from heat resistant polyester material that is highly durable and resistant to punctures and tears, Apollo GelWrap™ is durable and long-lasting. A double coat process of dye creates an optically clear color that will not scratch. The filters are consistent from batch to batch and provide superior transmission of color.

Leave GelWraps™ in place or remove them with the same ease they were put on. There’s no need to remove the bulb; the patented design does all the work for you. When not in use, lay them flat in the shipping box. Please specify T5, T8, or T12 bulb size.

Try them once and you’ll see why this patented design is so awesome!