• Our brain has difficulty separating physical sensations with psychological ones. * Your office lighting impacts the way your clients feel when they are with you. It also impacts how they remember you.

    What is your office lighting communicating? Is it crisp and professional, or downcast and dreary? It’s been reported that 80-85% of the things we identify are visual. “Perception, however, depends on how a space is lighted. And perception, as they say, is reality.” **

  • Cliff Climber

Let’s make certain your space is lit well. Most offices are illuminated by standard fluorescent lights. Is your ambient lighting alone adequate? Do you need additional task lighting? Experiment by adding table and floor lamps in your reception area, waiting room and private office spaces, paying special attention to areas where task lighting is helpful. While you’re at it, throw in a couple of smaller, accent lights to round out the effect. Your office will become a warmer, more welcoming environment with these simple adjustments.

Now revisit your ambient lights. Do your fluorescent light covers create an engaging environment, or an alienating one? Create a daylight effect in areas where natural daylight is minimal with DesignScapes™ color-correcting solid lenses. They slip right on top of your standard diffuser, so it can readily be removed should you relocate your offices. We can also aid in bringing the outdoors in by way of a sky ceiling mural using one of our many cloud, tree tops or sun decorative light panels. A Custom DesignScape™ is also an option, should you want to use your company’s logo or a photograph that represents your products or services.

Once you’ve evaluated your office lighting and made the necessary adjustments, you can relax knowing your clients are seeing — and remembering — the real you!

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