Aged Wood DesignScape® Installed People Serving People Office
Aged Wood DesignScape®

People Serving People Love DesignScapes®

For more than 37 years, People Serving People has been a Twin Cities leader in human and social services. The organization is the largest and most comprehensive emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Minnesota and a dedicated leader in homelessness prevention.

They begin with the basics, providing families with a safe place to stay, access to basic toiletries, and three nutritious meals a day. When immediate basic needs are met, families can begin to address the barriers they face to achieving stability through onsite Advocacy, Education, Employment, and Parent Engagement programs. The organization operates 365 days a year and is open 24/7, serving more than 1,100 families each year and sheltering around 350 guests per night. The average age of a child staying at People Serving People is six years old.

Apollo DesignScapes® noticed orders originating from People Serving People this year. It isn’t unusual for us to experience repeat customers, but they have placed orders four times.

Apollo recently spoke with Noah Gerding, Director of Development for People Serving People. Noah shared background on the organization and went on to explain that the children sheltering with their parents have faced multiple and often compounding traumatic adversities. As a trauma-responsive organization, People Serving People’s spaces and environment are intentionally designed.

People Serving People’s emergency shelter has 99 private guest rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. Lobbies, common areas, classrooms, and program spaces have natural light, and many of the paint colors were chosen with nature in mind. 

Early childhood development and after school enrichment teachers are equally intentional when it comes to creating learning environments. “Many of our fluorescent ceiling lights have DesignScapes® overlays installed, as we want to do everything we can to avoid re-traumatizing our youngest guests,” explained Noah. "DesignScapes® have really helped create a sense of calm in an otherwise uncertain time in a family’s life.”

Their favorite classroom and computer lab DesignScapes® light covers are Hard Diffusion and Neutral Density .9. Both styles reduce the harsh glare and flicker associated with fluorescent ceiling lights without any design modifications.

“I have Aged Wood DesignScapes® in my office,” stated Noah. “As staff working alongside children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness, we know that we need to practice self-care, too. The DesignScapes® we’ve been able to install have made a tremendous difference for our program.”

Apollo DesignScapes® is pleased to know that we’ve had a positive impact on the families supported by People Serving People.

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