Bashful Amber installed in Sarahs office.
Bashful Amber is the overall winner for migraine relief and light quality.


DesignScapes® Offer Relief from Migraines

Meet Sarah. She works in a small office without windows. Following multiple eye surgeries, she suffers from debilitating light sensitivity. Especially when she's stressed or fatigued, she notices the flicker of fluorescent lights.

Light-induced chronic migraines prompted Sarah to search for relief outside of prescription medications. Through research over many years, she found that reds, oranges, and yellows are best for reducing migraines. Prescription amber color glasses helped some, but she wanted to find a more effective solution.

Sarah's colleague, Sandy, is a lab manager who frequently battles migraines, as well.

Together, they narrowed down their selections to solid DesignScapes® Just Peachy and Bashful Amber .

Sarah and Sandy immediately noticed a significant reduction in light sensitivity issues after installing DesignScapes®.

Sarah states, "Our favorite color between the two is Bashful Amber in Sandy's office."

"Bashful Amber, which is a blush color, is just perfect. It dims the light without being too dark and creating too much light/dark contrast," continued Sandy.

"I often had daily migraines, but now they're greatly reduced," Sandy reports. "When I do have a migraine, the light sensitivity isn't as bad, and I can function at a higher capacity and 'power through!'"

"I am really happy with the filters," states Sandy. "Installation was super quick and easy!"

Sarah adds, "DesignScapes® light panels definitely reduces the flicker of my fluorescent lights."

Other customers have shared similar results from their use of DesignScapes®. If you're searching for a simple, cost-effective solution to light sensitivity, migraines, and the annoying flicker of fluorescent tube lighting, why are you waiting?

To make your shopping experience even better, receive a 10% discount and free shipping on orders of 4 or more DesignScapes® fluorescent panels.

Image of a room with Just Peachy Filter filtering the light.
Just Peachy eliminated most migraines but is darker than preferred for this office setting.