Multi-Color Toothbrushes

Apollo DesignScapes™ are decorative, fun and color-correcting covers that slip right on top of a standard fluorescent light fixture diffuser. Typically, no tool is ever needed for installation (that is, unless you classify a stepstool as a tool). It’s so easy and economical that switching the fluorescent light panels out for celebrations and seasonal holidays requires minimal effort (think wedding venue or haunted house).

Using DesignScapes™ diminishes the harsh glare and garish light created by most fluorescent light covers in a manner that benefits you, your employees, clients or family. Select designs reminiscent of a skylight, or opt for professional scenes that compliment your company’s objectives. Maybe you only need to calibrate the color emitted through your fluorescent lens. We can help!

View over 175 standard decorative fluorescent light panels, or upload your own images for a Custom DesignScapes™. Competitively priced at only $27.95 each – or $100 for four – with free shipping on all orders over $99, DesignScapes™ offer an engaging, economical way to reduce the glare of fluorescent light.