Collage of 3 DesignScapes, Palm Tree, Tight Squeeze, and Canoe View
From top to bottom: Palm Tree, Tight Squeeze, and Canoe View Standard Scenic DesignScapes®.

Inspiring Destinations

What are your favorite destination spots?

Perhaps you dream of sunny beaches on a far-away island. Or camping your way through our country's national parks, mountain climbing in a morning and kayaking in the evening.

However you decide to spend your hard-earned vacation time, we have a DesignScapes® light cover to inspire you.

DesignScapes® light filters help you hang on to the pleasures of travel throughout the year. Select from our Standard Scenic designs or upload your vacation pictures for a Custom DesignScape® light panel.

Why keep your amazing photos in an album when you can view them from your ceiling all year long?!

Pictured Above: Tent Life DesignScapes®.