• There is indeed a link between natural lighting and a quality education. Two research studies “affirm that daylight has a positive and highly significant association with improved student performance.” These same reports also conclude that glare created from natural or artificial lights negatively impacts learning, especially in situations where whiteboards are commonly used. *

    How can you mimic natural daylight, especially in windowless, interior classrooms? How can you reduce glare in rooms with or without windows? DesignScapes™ has affordable, easy-to-install solutions for your classroom fluorescent lighting dilemmas.

  • Fluffy Clouds

DesignScapes™ are decorative light panels that come in a vast array of standard designs and solids, or you can quickly upload your own design for a Custom DesignScape™. Our Fluffy Clouds option, shown above, is a great way to color-correct fluorescent lighting and bring the outdoors inside.

Congratulations, Educator Extraordinaire! You’ve just helped our future leaders become more successful yet again. I give you an A+.

*Thompson, C.K., Wilkins, A. & Figueiro, M. (2014). Case Study 1: Educational Facilities, IES Research Symposium II, Cleveland, Ohio, 2014. http://www.ies.org/research/light-behavior-symp.cfm

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