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Reducing workplace stress creates a more satisfying, productive day for your employees and makes them more loyal to you. * We’d like to share a few ideas to help you get the most out of your workplace environment.


Increase the sunlight effect in your space through furniture placement, design, and color. When selecting partitions, chose models that are scaled high enough to create a sense of personal space, but not so tall as to block light. If your room is dark, select lighter shades of furniture and paint and encourage staff to step outside during the day for a quick energy boost.


Maintain your thermostat between 71-77 degrees, with individual space heaters and fans available for people who need more personal climate control. *

Look for ways to keep your indoor relative humidity between 30-50% for optimal indoor air quality and comfort. ** If your building warrants it, a humidifier, dehumidifier, or combination unit, may be a worthwhile investment.


Environmental links to nature bring a sense of tranquility to your space. Add live plants and the physical benefits increase even more. One study revealed that work productivity grew by 15% simply by adding plants to office spaces. Not only that but workers were more fulfilled and achieved greater concentration levels. ***

Not sure if you can keep a plant alive? Don’t worry. There are plenty of options available for those of us without a green thumb or who frequently travel, including the Golden Pothos and Spider Plant.


Sedentary lifestyles do more harm than just adding a little extra to waistlines. Those extra pounds can lead to a real crisis of health and happiness which in turn impacts business.

Implement simple, cost-effective measures to combat this trend:

• Adjustable desktops allow individuals to work from a sitting or standing position – or use bar height tables and stools.

• Active sitting options are increasingly popular; check out balance balls, balance ball chairs (some styles come with extenders to raise the seat to standard office chair height), and balance chair cushions for starters.

• Exercise equipment that can accommodate laptops is a great option for shared office spaces.

• Whenever possible, turn meetings into a stroll — the change of scenery and physical activity will boost creativity.

• Schedule a 15-minute walk after lunch each day and invite employees to join you on company time. You’ll connect with each other, avoid the afternoon slump and combat diabetes and other ailments.


Whether you operate an office with wide, open spaces or everyone has a private office, workplace distractions can induce stress.

“If distractions were diseases, your cell phone would be the plague-spreading host organism,” writes Shundalyn Allen. **** If possible, ask your team to turn off cell phones when they arrive at work and only check personal messages and emails during scheduled breaks.

Headsets and ear plugs can signal to co-workers that someone is concentrating on a task. Likewise, frequently updated voicemail and automated email reply messages can let customers and colleagues know when someone is working on a time-sensitive project and when they can anticipate a response.


Company benefits and incentive programs can be tailored to encourage employees to get adequate rest, eat smart and stay hydrated, which will further enhance their job performance and contentment.

Low-cost examples include healthier options in vending machines, conveniently placed filtered water coolers, free fruit in the break room, and coupons for those who walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch. When the employee earns enough coupons, they receive a free Fitbit.


Consider the addition of Apollo DesignScapes™ decorative light filters to your design plan. DesignScapes™ reduce glare from your standard fluorescent lights and bring the outdoors inside. Reduced eye strain and headaches will certainly make you and your staff more efficient and energetic.

Making a few changes at work can bring about notable improvements.

What strategies have you implemented in your business? Like you, we’re always looking for new ways to improve ourselves at Apollo Design®.

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