Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts DesignScape®

In Celebration of XOXO

Valentine's Day gives us a great opportunity to pay tribute to the people we love. You can throw an intimate celebration for two or a big event to include everyone, keep it simple or go extravagant. Whichever way you go — and it doesn't really matter — it's all about expressing your love.

You may want to include an array of chocolate confectionaries, thoughtful gifts, and a playlist of your favorite songs. May we suggest including one of the greatest hits by Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World? It works for anyone you could want to send a Valentine's song: your significant other, friend, parent, grandparent, or a child.

Apollo DesignScapes® light covers for standard fluorescent lights are ideal for party decorating and gift-giving. Nothing says, "What a wonderful world," like a beautiful image to view.

To find Apollo's exclusive Valentine's light panels, visit here. Don't forget that we have solid light filters, as well, including Kiss Me Tint and Passion Pink.