Imagine. You are a math teacher. Your classroom is a dance floor. The primary source of light is a flashing strobe light. Steady now. You feel dizzy. It’s hard to focus. But. you. must. stay. in. control. 


Now imagine this: You are a student. You see the constant flicker of the overhead fluorescent lights. No one else seems to notice it. But to you, it’s a strobe light flashing at high speed. Your teacher and classmates expect you to stay focused. To remain in control. But you feel dizzy. You're overwhelmed by the lights.   

Finally, imagine that you are a hero. You've outfitted a classroom with DesignScapes™ light filters. The students and teacher adore you. You rest easy at night knowing you've given the gift of calm to a chaotic environment. And even those who don't experience light sensitivity benefit from the soothing image.


Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a major stumbling block for some people. A student with Asperger Syndrome, Aspiegrrl, writes on her blog, “I’m very sensitive to light, especially fluorescent light...they literally hurt my eyes. They also irritate me to no end with their flickering and humming.” *


How would it change your life if you weren’t overwhelmed by flashing, flickering lights?   Are there simple, cost effective remedies for buildings already outfitted with overhead fluorescent lighting?    Yes! 


Reduce Glare and Harsh Lighting Affordably

Aside from their decorative appeal, Apollo DesignScapes™ light filters reduce the glare and harsh lighting associated with standard fluorescent ceiling lamps. They also reduce the noticeable flicker that envelops those with light sensitivity issues. 


“Design greatly impacts upon people’s lives. All lives. Design is a way in which we can feel included in theworld. And it is also a way in which we can uphold a person’s dignity and human rights. Design can also inflict vulnerability on a group whose needs aren’t considered,” shared Sinead Burke. **


There's no need for anyone to suffer needlessly from light sensitivity.


We Can Help

Tell us about your primary light filter concerns. We’ll do our best to provide you with a custom solution for your classroom or workplace. Complete the Contact Us form at or email 


A Special Note to Parents and Guardians


There's no need to buy light filters every time your child changes grade levels. Since they lay on top of a standard fluorescent light diffuser, you can quickly move them from one location to another.  

We look forward to serving you!


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