• We used to believe that having a well-lit room was just a preference. Who doesn’t love the way good lighting envelops a room and how it makes you look and feel? Simply stated, it’s inviting. Dark rooms feel depressing.

    As it turns out, dark spaces really are depressing.* There’s good reason why most people want an office with a window or a home with plenty of natural light, especially since most of us spend 90% of our life indoors. ** Unfortunately, most businesses and many homes can’t meet this desire.

  • Tree Tops

DesignScapes™ can help solve your conundrum. You have new and unlimited custom options for your standard fluorescent ceiling light fixtures that are affordably priced and super easy to install. DesignScapes™ decorative fluorescent light panels slide right on top of the fluorescent light covers. They have the added benefit of reducing undesirable glare and softening harsh lighting.

DesignScapes™ can meet whatever lighting design challenge you may have:

  • Do you want to simulate the outdoors — perhaps the wide-open sky or a mountain view? We have a variety of standard options ready to meet your need.
  • Do you need a creative option to enhance your business? Perhaps you have patients lying on an examination table during their office visit. Why not give them a complimentary image to view.
  • Are you a DIY enthusiast looking to create the perfect basement “man cave”? If we don’t already have an image that fits your theme, simply upload one to our website for a one-time art fee of $20.
  • Maybe you only need to adjust the color emitted through your fluorescent light fixture diffuser at the office or at home. We can help solve that problem, too, with a wide array of solid inserts.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!

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