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Are Your Gift Giving Skills on Par?

We recently came across a survey facilitated by The Grommet on the topic of giving gifts. They asked 2,000 people in the U.S. questions about giving and receiving presents. One finding was particularly interesting: “Personality is the most important thing to consider when it comes to selecting a gift but hobbies and sentimentality are also big factors.” *

Gary Chapman, marriage counselor and author of The Five Love Languages, goes so far as to include gift giving and receiving as a love language, along with words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and physical touch. “You must be thinking of someone to give him or her a gift. The gift itself is a symbol of that thought,” writes Chapman. **

What was the best gift anyone ever gave you? Was it something you wore, an experience you shared, or a donation granted on your behalf?

Chances are the gift-giver spent time considering your likes, preferences, and desires. The Grommet survey revealed that it takes approximately six days to locate “the perfect gift.” * Your significant other may love the great outdoors but which product would provide a thrill the next time he or she went, say, zip-lining? Or perhaps you need to find something for dear old Dad for an upcoming birthday. Does he want a new golf club? The answers are sometimes hard to determine even when we think long and hard.

A friend once shared about a magical Christmas she had prepared for her two young children. She spent months trying to find the perfect gifts on their tight budget. By the time Christmas arrived, she was confident she had nailed it: a dollhouse for her daughter, and a bicycle for her son.

Christmas morning came with great excitement. My friend could hardly wait for her kids to open the presents she had labored over. Her daughter was indeed thrilled with her new dollhouse and began playing with it immediately. Her son’s response, albeit very polite for such a little man, could not hide his disappointment. He responded, “I didn’t even know I wanted one of those.”

Thankfully, they’re a close-knit family who has (probably) received more joy from laughing at this memory than they would have if the son had been thrilled with his bike. As it turned out, little man was a genius who loved books more than sports. Even though the gift wasn’t a perfect fit, it was helpful in determining later what he preferred, and everyone knew that mom had the best of intentions.

So, when the SNL “peach candle” – the gift of having a gift to give away – just won’t do, consider the recipient’s personality, favorite pastimes, and what brings him or her joy. *** We bet you’ll ace it!

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