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  • Is it time to revive an area of your home? Perhaps your home or office needs more organization, or maybe it’s your basement rec room that could use the help. A fresh coat of paint, storage baskets and creative lighting may be all you need.

    When deciding on the right color scheme for your space, consider how it will tie in with the rest of your home, how you’ll use the space, and the availability of light sources. Do you need an invigorating space, or something more serene? Something purely for entertainment, or more formal in scope?

A visit to your local paint store should provide the assistance you need for selecting colors that match the mood you want to create. Grab a couple paint swatches or color scheme cards and head back home. You’ll want to live with those swatches for a day or two, taking note of the way the colors change as the light sources change throughout the day into evening. You may even want to request a paint sample to see how it looks on a larger scale.

If you’re anything like us, you have areas that need reorganization. Look around for objects you already have on hand that may solve a problem. Maybe you have a small chest of drawers with shallow drawers. While it isn’t practical for storing clothes, it works great for keeping puzzles and art papers organized and accessible. Do you have baskets, vases or other containers you can put to good use? Grab them along with a couple of boxes for sorting and tackle that problem area. Donate or throw away unneeded items. Now you’re ready to find a new home for the things you need.

Let’s consider your lighting. Most spaces require ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting is your main source of light and typically originates from the ceiling. Task lighting, among other things, includes table and floor lamps. Making sure your ambient and task lighting are adequate is an essential part of any good design plan. Accent lighting is a nice touch for highlighting key design features, such as artwork, or just rounding out your overall lighting needs. Some people prefer to leave one small accent light on in each main living area. It provides enough light to safely navigate the room at night, and looks attractive during the day.

Fluorescent light fixtures are a common choice for ambient lighting. They’re inexpensive and economical to use. They can, however, create glare, an unflattering color or just not match your new decor. DesignScapes™ decorative light covers are an affordable light fixture makeover solution. Check out our standard designs and solids, or keep the creativity flowing and upload your own image for a truly custom look.

What area will you freshen up next?