Apollo DesignScapes® filled an order for Waving American Flag fluorescent light panels earlier this month. We were intrigued by the organization and thought other people would want to know more about their mission, as well. We reached out to Dogs 4 Vets Executive Director, Shaun Claseman.

“My father and step-mother, Gerad and Debbie, started Dogs 4 Vets about 14 years ago,” shares Shaun. “My father is a disabled U.S. Navy Veteran. They began training dogs to give back to other Veterans.”

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Dogs 4 Vets provides a unique service to disabled Veterans: Veterans train their dogs or a rescue dog to be service animals in a large facility that simulates a home environment.

Shaun continues, “I came out here on vacation in 2014 and was able to observe several classes. I talked to students, and they expressed how this program had saved their lives. After my vacation, I realized that I needed to become part of this program and help it grow.

“Quite a few of our students’ lives have been saved due to the dogs learning medical alert or retrieval tasks, not to mention the help they provide with the symptoms of PTSD.”

Throughout the training program, which typically lasts 9-12 months, Veterans complete a fundamental behavior course, public access experience, and task-based training determined by the individual Veteran’s needs. Further instruction is available for graduates of the program if the Veteran’s needs change or if service skills need sharpening.

Upon completion, Veterans will have service animals certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen, ASAS Public Access, and ASAS Service Dog Certification.

Veterans find more than service dog training at Dogs 4 Vets. They discover a lifetime support circle complete with compassionate, trained staff who are there to listen and encourage them. It’s a haven for everyone.

The only cost of the program to Veterans is a $25 application fee. Tax-deductible donations and fundraising events cover the remaining expenses.

Veterans are invited to complete their online registration at https://www.dogs4vets.org/apply-for-training/ or call them for details.

“The Waving American Flag light cover was the perfect fit for our training center,” states Shaun. “I have received so many compliments on our DesignScapes®!”

Veterans and Dogs 4 Vets, Apollo DesignScapes® thanks you for your service.

We are proud to manufacture DesignScapes® in the U.S.A.

From left to right, Shaun Claseman, Gerad & Debbie Claseman.
American Waving Flag DesignScapes®.