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DesignScapes® Welcomes You

Apollo Design Technology, Inc.® was founded in 1992 and quickly became a world leader in Custom Gobos and Entertainment Lighting.

In 2016, Apollo added a new offering: Apollo DesignScapes® light covers for standard fluorescent ceiling lights.

DesignScapes® has risen to the top of the light filters field with a broad selection of Standard Scenic and Standard Solid designs, recently adding more than 80 trend-setting images in our 2018 Product Line.

Of course, we offer Custom DesignScapes® to ensure you get what you need for your school, medical practice, dental office, hospital, business, church, salon, spa, or home.

Our goal is to serve you with the utmost care, in the least amount of time, and with the highest quality products.

DesignScapes® reduce the harsh glare associated with fluorescent ceiling lights in a fun and attractive manner.

The addition of DesignScapes® light panels means fewer headaches, more content students, and calmer patients.

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We welcome you!