Brenda Joy, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Thrive Counseling Services in Kirkland, Washington, needed a light cover to diminish the harshness of her office’s fluorescent ceiling lights.

An Apollo Customer Care Representative directed Brenda to the DesignScapes® Gallery, as well as our blog for ideas. After reading People Serving People Love DesignScapes®, Brenda decided on Aged Wood.

Brenda explains, “Given the trauma care work I do as a therapist, it is helpful to have environmental conditions that are soothing and calming. DesignScapes® filters help in just the right way!”

DesignScapes® decorative light covers reduce the harshness of fluorescent ceiling lights to create a more tranquil setting. In addition to pleasing aesthetics, DesignScapes® also diminish light-induced migraines.

Brenda continues, “I really like how the light is toned down and warmed. The Aged Wood filter is lovely!”

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Above: Noah Gerding, Director of Development for People Serving People, selected Aged Wood DesignScapes® for his Minnesota office.