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Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Rob Kiewe, Health and Wellness Director at Katz JCC, was searching for an easy and convenient way to “decorate their room differently” at the new Richard M. Klein Center for Wellness. They wanted to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere while toning down the harsh fluorescent lights.

Their Custom DesignScape™ bamboo scene “allows the students to theoretically view the outside beauty above them…” Kiewe went on to write, “Needless to say, a number of the programs and classes offered are situated whereby students are physically lying on the floor and looking above… (T)hey often comment how ‘calming’ it is to look into the trees and sky above — and it adds to the…positive Zen feel which was our goal for this room.”

“They have been well received by our instructors and students alike…”

Thank you, Rob, for sharing your DesignScapes™ story and pictures with us! It made us feel even better about the positive impact we’re making in the lives of our customers and their clients.

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