Weeping Willow Tree
Weeping Willow DesignScape®

Aspects of Nature

There are crazy-good ideas floating around about bringing the outdoors into enclosed spaces, whether it's an office, lab, recovery room, or dental cubicle. Not surprisingly, people who prosper most from these efforts are those trapped in windowless spaces.

We put people in windowless offices and give them a computer and a desk and think they should be able to work just fine because they’ve got all the obvious things they need, like air to breathe, artificial light to see by and access to all kinds of information.

But we find that they don’t actually work all that well in those kinds of environments. They are more likely to experience fatigue, lack of motivation and higher rates of absenteeism. If you just put certain aspects of nature into these environments, it actually results in improved well-being and productivity.

– Stephen R. Kellert, Design Expert **

A high biophilic design can be integrated into nearly every place where people congregate. The inclusion of green in the form of container plants and just plain color are at the top of the list. Try changing your desktop scene to a soothing green image. We bet you'll like it.

Incorporating natural materials fosters a healthful environment. Apollo DesignScapes® can assist you in bringing aspects of nature into your lighting design. We have an expansive selection of nature-inspired DesignScapes® images for your standard fluorescent light fixtures that include trees, open skies, flowers, animals, ocean views, marine life, mountains, and even astronomy.

Not only do DesignScapes® reduce the glare and harsh lighting that leads to eye strain and fatigue, but they also give your space a more expansive, open-air feel leading to improved productivity and a sense of well-being.

** Blomberg, L. (Sept. 4, 2015). What is Biophilic Design in Architecture? Retrieved from http://earthtalk.org/biophilic-design-architecture/