AP4720 - Baby Boy Blue: T8 GelWrap
Alexander suffered from fluorescent light-induced eyestrain before installing Apollo Blue GelWrap™.

Apollo GelWraps™ enhance your fluorescent tube lighting in any setting, reduce headaches associated with harsh fluorescent light, and even repel bugs.

The possibilities are endless!

Recently, Alexander moved into a new office, where the fluorescent lights caused eyestrain and some moderate headaches. He contacted Apollo DesignScapes® looking for an option for the EZ-Connect LED Luminaire, a suspended linear fluorescent fixture with exposed tube lighting.

We put Alexander in touch with an Apollo dealer in his area who assisted him with the purchase of GelWrap™.

Alexander chose Apollo Blue GelWrap™ and reported that they reduced his eyestrain and resulting headaches.

"I looked at all sorts of solutions. I wanted something that did not look like a sheet hanging on the ceiling, but that softened the light and reduced the harsh glare,” shared Alexander. “Apollo GelWraps™ were easy to install and work really well. I'd recommend them without hesitation."

Apollo DesignScapes® now offers GelWraps™ as a standard option for our customers giving you the ability to place your order online quickly.

The patented Apollo Design® GelWrap™ easily wraps itself around a T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent tube in any style of fixture, eliminating the need to remove the tube for installation.

Choose from a wide array of gel colors.

The filters are designed to meet the specific demands of the lighting industry.

Made from a heat-resistant polyester material, GelWraps™ are highly durable and resistant to punctures and tears. A double dye coating process creates an optically clear color that will not scratch. The filters are consistent from batch to batch and provide superior transmission of color.

GelWrap™ stores and ships flat, so cost is minimized.

Apollo DesignScapes® is here to make your life better. Let us know how we can best meet your fluorescent lighting needs.

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