Holly Carpenters Office
Holly's Office with DesignScapes®

Apollo DesignScapes® Create a Cozy Vibe

May DesignScapes® Winner

Holly Whelden Carpenter knows the downside of spending long hours under fluorescent lights. She and her colleague set out to improve their work environment – and their frame of mind – with Apollo DesignScapes® decorative light panels.

"We love them! We work for an entertainment design company and have been using Apollo gels for years," shares Holly. "When we discovered this product, it was the perfect solution for getting rid of the obnoxious fluorescent light in our offices."

Holly installed Space Stars DesignScapes® light covers, along with accent and string lights, to create a welcoming environment.

"We know that being in fluorescent lighting for hours at a time can cause depression. So we created our office to be a Zen home-like space. It has made our working conditions so much better," Holly adds.

DesignScape featured: Space Stars

Holly is our DesignScapes® $25 gift card winner for May. Holly submitted pictures of her installed DesignScapes® and permitted us to share her thoughts about our light panels. We would love to feature your installed DesignScapes®. Send your pictures and feedback to marketing@apollodesignscapes.com.

Thank you, Holly! Your space looks so inviting.