Picture of Installed Fluffy Clouds DesignScape above a desk
Fluffy Clouds above Dena's desk

Dena, the secretary of an elementary school in Warrenton, Virginia, wrote to us this fall and shared pictures of a classroom featuring Apollo DesignScapes® Fluffy Clouds decorative light covers.

“We ordered a cloud scene to help brighten what was once a drab and dreary ‘closet’ of a room,” Dena stated. “The room is used to provide services to our most needy students (mostly behavior). The clouds really give the room a sense of peace! We are hoping that our students will also feel the peace.”

DesignScapes® reduce the glare emitted by fluorescent ceiling lights. They also reduce the flicker that many children and adults with light sensitivity issues notice. *

“You know how harsh fluorescent lighting can be,” continued Dena. “The clouds really help with the brightness of the room as well.

Free shipping and a per item discount are offered on DesignScapes® orders of 4 or more, making them even more affordable for elementary, middle, and high schools, along with daycare centers, and universities.

Thank you, Dena, for taking the time to share your classroom photo with us. The entire DesignScapes® team loves to hear from our customers.

*Check out our blog Imagine for more information.