Children From Fairhaven Gradeschool giving a thumbs up with a DesignScape® in the background.

Written by Guest Blogger Steve Cooley, 5th-grade teacher, Fairhaven Elementary, Santa Ana, California

My class has DesignScapes® Airy Clouds Tiling Series, and we love them.

The atmosphere has changed for the better since we added Airy Clouds 1, 2, and 3 to our fluorescent ceiling lights.

Students love the pictures, and it brings a sense of calm to a stressful educational environment.

We are under constant scrutiny for test scores. Students feel that pressure. We do as much as we can as educators to make the classrooms as pleasant as possible and one way is the innovative DesignScapes® Airy Clouds Tiling Series. It’s like drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

Whenever the day becomes stressful, all we have to do is look up and see the beautiful clouds reassuring us it’s another beautiful day outside.

Thank you Apollo DesignScapes® for your awesome products!

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