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  • Do you dream about planning the perfect celebration? Pinterest is loaded with ideas for creating a memorable experience.

    When preparing for your upcoming event, create a new Pinterest board to house your ideas. You may want to make it a secret board if you want to surprise your guests. Decide on a theme. Are you celebrating a wedding, milestone birthday, a holiday or anniversary? Maybe it’s your child’s first birthday, or a Halloween costume party at work. Search and pin ideas for color schemes, easy to serve party foods and beverages, along with decorations.

Set aside an area of your home or office to begin collecting items for the big day. Buy table service when it’s on sale, order party favors in advance—especially those that need to be preassembled, and any other décor you’ll need.

How early can you begin decorating? It’s always nice when you can decorate a day ahead, but that isn’t always possible. On those occasions, it’s even more important to have a plan. Make note of items you need to pick up and deliver to your celebration site. Once you’re on location, have a prioritized list of what needs to be done and items required, including clean-up supplies. Put your drinks on ice and string the lights as early as possible. Make notecards of where each food item should be placed (so you don’t forget the potato salad in the fridge) and designate an area for gifts and cards.

Add that extra element of style and even color to your special affair with DesignScapes™ fluorescent light panels. Our decorative light covers are affordable and reusable, and take minimal time to install. Once your event is over, simply store them in the shipping tube until you need them again. We carry an array of standard designs suitable for most occasions, or feel free to create a unique Custom DesignScapes™

Voila! You’ve just earned the status of Phenomenal Party Planner (P3).

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our standard designs and any new ones you’d like to see!