Forest Snow is just one of the 112 NEW Standard Scenic DesignScapes® available!

New DesignScapes® are here!

Transform your boring fluorescent ceiling lights with minimal cost and effort. Reduce migraines. Lift your mood. Foster creativity. Add warmth to your space. Promote your brand.

DesignScapes® does all of this and more.

Plus, we offer the best selection and value.

Apollo DesignScapes® now offers 615 standard options, including nearly 400 scenic images, 100+ solid transparent colors, and 115 Apollo GelWrap™ shades, in addition to Custom DesignScapes®

DesignScapes® Highlights

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Installing DesignScapes® is incredibly easy. Check out our installation video here.

Apollo has been doing business for more than 25 years. We look forward to serving you!