Looking a the sky from the street with towering skyscrapers framing your sight.
Skyscrapers DesignScapes™

Prepare to be Wowed – the 2018 DesignScapes™ Product Line has Arrived!

It's here! Our talented art team has brewed up a bundle of new DesignScapes™ images for 2018.

We've added 82 tranquil, patriotic, cheery, hip, Color Me, and funny designs to our listings that will surely please you, our valued customer.

May we offer a few suggestions?

A Portrait of a Giraffe
Giraffe DesignScapes™


If you need something to make kids smile, we favor Girrafe, Horse Whisperer, and Here Kitty Kitty –excellent choices for medical exam and treatment rooms, dental offices, and schools.

Panel of Redstained aged wood.
Aged Wood DesignScapes™


Perhaps you're finishing the basement Man Cave this fall. Aged Wood, Old Fashion Lights, and Walking Through the Woods could match the mood you're trying to create.

View from an airplane window over the wing out to a landscape of a frozen see and snow covered mountains.
Airplane View 2 DesignScapes™


Do you work to travel? Here are some views to keep you inspired: Airplane View 1, Airplane View 2, Airplane Underbelly, and Night Tower may be just the ticket you need.

Image of feeting hanging over a cliff.
Sitting on a Cliff DesignScapes™


Is adrenaline rush part of your routine? Sitting on a Cliff, Sitting on a Mountain, Tight Squeeze, and Tent View are just a sampling of the new designs that can get those juices flowing.

Image of Mt. Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore DesignScapes™


New patriotic images broaden our existing DesignScapes™ options. Mt. Rushmore, Lady Liberty, Red, White and Blue, and USA Flag Looking Up will have you saluting our fine country each time you walk into your office.

Black and White image of paisely designs.
Paisley Power DesignScapes™


Alas! An adult coloring page that can shine light on your artistic abilities. With 10 Color Me DesignScapes™, you'll have a blast making your selection and coming up with your own design plan. *

With over 260 standard DesignScapes™, we're confident you'll find just what you need to personalize your space while reducing the glare and harsh lighting associated with standard fluorescent light fixtures.

What's your favorite new design?